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Tamra Godey   started singing and matching harmonies with her brothers while very young, writing her first complete song when she was just 7 yrs old.

With a father teaching her to play guitar and a mother teaching her to sing, she began to use music as an expression to address the things that excited or troubled her.


As a Child  in the 70s she was deeply influenced by the soulful and flawless voices of Carol King, Gladys Knight, and John Denver. Inspired also by great poetry, she published her first poem in a local periodical paper at the age of 10.

She would later integrate her story laden poetry into her music. 

​At the age of 11 Tamra met and fell in love with Louis Godey. Best friends and also fierce rivals they  competed in everything from catching snakes to playing guitar.

Tamra would eventually concede instrumental superiority to Louis while maintaining writing and singing advances over him. 

Time and circumstance would separate them for many years, and Tamra all but stopped playing music. When Tamra and Louis reunited in 1992, there were many pages of songs and poetry to compare. They married in 1993 and have been together ever since.

Tamra attributed many of her songs to this story.


As a Young Adult  she began being asked to play and sing at weddings and private functions of friends and family, and with the support of her husband, 5 children, and other musicians, her music experience became a soul changing process.

Songs began to come swiftly to her and her skills as a poet kicked in to begin creating a  diverse collection of rhythm driven stories, ballads, Americana and blues.


As a Professional Musician  Tamra began performing in 2004 when offered a spot opening for a local monthly variety show. Foothills wineries began booking her and since then, her sultry voice has filled the air of dozens of Northern California small venues, bars, restaurants and wineries, including the American River Music Festival annually since 2007, the Fair Play Wine Festival annually since 2005 and numerous private festivals and house concerts. With over 120 original songs and a long list of popular favorites, as a solo artist capable of providing up to 7 hrs of good solid entertainment, she has been called one of the hardest working female artists in El Dorado County.


As an Arts Advocate  and public arts activist Tamra has independently conducted  musical programs for three school districts in the Mother Lode to expose grammar and middle school children to Americana music. She has worked as a visiting artist and docent for the Cal Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) as well as teaching art and music history for the California Fine Arts Mini Experience (FAME) 

She is also an active member of America for the Arts.

She and her husband Louis Godey started up and hosted two very popular open mics in both Placerville and Fairplay California and have seen many amateur musicians succeed to professional status through these public stages.

In addition to this, several times a year Tamra offers her talents to local charities, cancer victims events, firefighters, school and public awareness fundraising events.


 Spiritually and Progressively  over the last 10 yrs Tamra has grown as an artist to become a Northern California foothills favorite. Many of her original songs are requested regularly and local followers of her music enthusiastcally await her next CD. 

 In addition to her original music, Tamra also sings from a list of classic and popular cover songs with a versatile voice that has been compared to artists

ranging from Norah Jones and Carol King to Stevie Nicks and Bonnie Raitt.

Her set may also include some whimsical fun songs meant to lighten the spirit,

make you laugh or get up dancing.


As a  Wholehearted Vocalist and Songwriter,

Tamra often uses all 4 octaves of her voice to color her stories.

Tales in song, that speak of life, lessons and circumstance define her written genre.



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